Mentalism and magic for the mind

Close up Magic to thrill the audience

Luke Ensey loves to do close up magic and engaging with his audience. Close up magic is all about performing in front of a live close up audience and doing the impossible right under peoples noses. The first reaction is usually one of total disbelief but a true magician never reveals how it is done. The mystery is never unveiled which is the code of the Magic Circle. Close up magic requires a lot of skill and practice and a real flair for audience engagement. Luke Ensey delights his audience with a host of unique magic with a wide variety of props, such as a standard deck of playing cards, coins, poker chips and pretty much anything given to him by his audience.

Luke Ensey will let the magic unfold in the hands of your guests

What is mentalism?

the theory that physical and psychological phenomena are ultimately explicable only in terms of a creative and interpretative mind.

The art of discerning the truth about an individual as well as many details about that individual’s personal life.

Mentalism is not often mixed with other acts as a rule as it often deserves a stage all of it’s own. Luke Ensey loves to perform mentalism acts to events such as corporate parties or when the audience are receptive to being amazed with fewer distractions around the room to get the real effect.